The Rover Blog
Introducing Rover

Here in SF we are lucky to get an early taste of the future. We have GPS trackers on our buses, we use our smartphones to hail a ride, and we can rent our neighbors’ car with a press of a button. At Rover, we think all of these are just the beginning.

We see a future where all transportation is on-demand and where ride-sharing, car-sharing, and bike-sharing are all great ways for getting you home. But with so many alternatives, finding the best one can be difficult. We created Rover to solve this.

Rover gives you all the best transportation options in one place, with real-time availability, cost, and time estimates. No matter where you are going and how you want to get there, Rover has you covered - it’s the smartest way to get around San Francisco.

We will be using this blog to post tidbits about evolving SF transportation, as well as interesting insights from Rover data. In the meantime, give Rover a spin on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!


- Lev and David